Jérémy Esque, PhD
Post-doc Fellow
ISIS and University Strasbourg (UdS)
Tel : (+33) 3 68 85 51 28
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Esque J., Léonard S., De Brevern A.G., Oguey C. VLDP web server: a powerful geometric tool for analysing protein structures in their environment. NAR 2013.
Postdoc fellow granted by AFM association (Association Francaise de Myopathie)

Scientific Interest
My main scientific research focuses on several aspects of structural bioinformatics. I have developped a program, called VLDP, which is a robust geometrical tool for analyzing protein structures. The global idea is to describe the protein structure like a graph and to extract topological and metric measures. My second topic of research concerns the study of transmembrane proteins. I'm mostly interested in the structure-sequence relationship using an original unsupervised learning approach. Finally, I'm interested in the molecular mechanisms in developping a method to compute free energy differences of conformational changes.

molecular surface protein